Private and Commercial Hedge Cutting

Black and white tree surgery have been tending to Private garden privacy hedges and Commercial hedges for over ten years in Newbury and surrounding areas.

To maintain the hedges in Newbury Black and white tree surgery cut, trim, prune care for the hedges.

Black And White Tree Surgery maintain and trim young and mature hedges.

Hedges trimmed can be to an informal standard or a formal standard based on the clients preference and the type of hedge.

Why Do My Hedges Need To Be Cut?

Your hedges may need to be cut to encourage growth within your hedge and to abide to boundary lines. You may wish to have you hedge trimmed or pruned for aesthetic purposes to enhance your commercial or private property.

What Time of Year Should My Hedges Be Cut?

The best time to have your hedge cut is outside of nesting and breeding season. The reason to have your hedge cut outside this season is due to the legality involved in finding or have knowledge of the activity of nesting in a hedge. It is an offence under Section 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 to intentionally take, damage or destroy a nest while it is being built or in use.

When Is Bird Nesting Season?

Bird nesting season or sometimes known as nesting season is typically from March to August. It is recomeded to have your hedges cut outside of this season. If a nest is known to be located in hedge that is being cut it is an offence under Section 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981

Mr Hill came and done such a great job for me at my home.
I used to use another contractor but now after seeing Mr Hills work and good prices I will be asking him to come every year. *GREAT WORK*

Mr Mellos