Seasoned Dry Firewood and Logs in Newbury and Surrounding Areas

Newbury was founded in the late 11th century meaning the town is surround in history including its homes that boast large elegant chimneys.

You may think using and selecting firewood is easy but the truth is its far from that. Although you can put any old log on your open fire or log burner you can run in to many dangerous issues if you don’t have the correct logs.

For example If you use a log such as pine on your open fire in your Newbury home it can spit aggressively while burning. This as you can imagine will cause a number of issues that could result in a call to the Newbury Fire Fighters!

If you were to speak with Black and White Tree surgery, they would advise that a pine log is more suitable for a log burner as the fire would be enclosed.

If you’re worried about the type of logs you’re using for your Newbury fireplace, get in contact with Black And White Tree Surgery who can supply and advise on the correct type of firewood to be used.

What is Seasoned Firewood?

Seasoning logs and firewood is a process of drying the logs for 6-12 months. Logs and Firewood are considered Seasoned when the have less than 20% water content.

Why should I burn seasoned Logs & Firewood?

Seasoned wood should be the only wood you use as fuel for your fire. If the firewood you use has not been dried or seasoned then the energy from your fire is working on making the water content in the logs evaporate. The condensation can create chimney fires.

I have always had issues with my open fire spitting at me. After speaking with Dean he soon explained that I had been using the wrong type of wood and provided me with the correct type. Since I have been getting my wood from Dean my fire has been great! Have already recommended to my family and will continue to recommend to friends!

Mr Mason